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It is not our intention to insult anyone's intelligence with some of these rules. Many are general courtesy and common sense rules.  This is a private campground, as well as our home. We consider you our guests...

Thanks to you all for helping us make Knife River Campground a great camping experience!

Randy & Deanna Ellestad, your hosts.

Randy's Ten Commandments!Please read:

1. FEES .. Pay all camping fees upon arrival. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards. All campground fees are
subject to change without notice.
2. CHECK-IN & CHECK OUT ... Check-in time 1:00 - 9:00 PM, unless special arrangements are made. Chec.k-out time is noon on weekdays and Saturday; 1:00 PM on Sunday.
3. VISITORS .. All visitors must stop at the campground office to purchase a visitors pass. Campground management reserves the right to limit the number of visitors per site and total for the campground. Visitors,like campers, are subject to the rules and regulations of the campground. ALL visitors must leave campground by 9:30 PM.
4. CONDUCT - Since this is a family campground, we ask that you consider others, especially children, and
refrain from loud unseemly language. Campground management reserves the right to evict, at our discretion and without refund, any person whose conduct is objectionable or violates campground rules.

5. S-H-H-H-H-H - Quiet time is strictly enforced and begins at 10:00 PM; ends at 8:00 AM. No loud radio or loud disturbances at any time.

6. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - The use of alcoholic beverages are confined to each camper's assigned site.
Use alcoholic beverages responsibly.
7. CAMPFIRES - Build fires only in provided fire rings. Do not move fire rings or burn garbage. Do not throw bottles, aluminum cans, etc. in fire rings" The garbage attracts wildlife. Please keep your site picked up and clean. Do not cut or damage trees / shrubs. Do not gather fallen trees / branches / wood from surrounding woods or nearby beaches. Firewood is available for sale.

8. SMOKING - NO SMOKING IN RESTROOMS. Cigarette butts are not bio-degradable. Please dispose of them with your garbage and NOT on campsite grounds.
9. PETS - Please keep pets leashed at all times. Clean up after your pets and DO NOT leave them unattended. Take your pet(s) with you when you leave for the day. It is the pet owner's responsibility to keep their pets quiet.
10. MOTORIZED VEHICLES - No speeding through campground; 5 mph speed limit. Watch out for children playing.


If there are campers who are not complying with quiet time between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM, PLEASE contact owners, Randy and Deanna, no matter the time of night (or morning). We do not want you losing sleep over disruptive, inconsiderate campers!



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